HunterDouglas: Top Down Bottom Up Duette Shade
Choose just the right amount of light to let in according to your mood using HunterDouglas' top down bottom up Duette shade
Designers Guild: Montiverdi
Create your own garden sanctuary indoors, with Designers Guild's floral themed fabric collection
Acacia: UVPro Outdoor Fabrics
Have breakfast at sunrise or afternoon tea, with Acacia UVPro outdoor fabrics perfectly suited for all occasions
Estelle: Diva
Add a touch of royalty with Estelle's luxurious Diva range, in gorgeous opulence velvet
Jim Thompson : 100% Thai Silk
The beautiful premium silk fabrics from Jim Thomson spell elegance, perfect for both modern & contemporary homes


CLASS ACENDO is a specialist in window fashion, customised upholstery & wallcovering. We offer a wide range of fabrics and design solutions for your home or office.

In CLASS ACENDO, we fashion designs out of your ideas, your inspirations and your needs. The outcome is distinctively yours.

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