Tips for choosing the right leather

In this post, we’ll be exploring some handy tips for choosing the right leather.

Some things to consider are:

  • Choice of Materials
  • Maintenance
  • Your lifestyle and budget determine the choice of leather.
  • If you have young energetic children, think twice.
  • If you like your leather covers to be taut and smooth, choose corrected cowhide.
  • If you like to sink into your sofa, choose the soft leather like semi anilene, which will crumple and stretch.
  • With less reputable sellers, you can make a layman’s check on the quality of the leather. There are many ways to tan leather and the cheaper ones do not go through the full tanning process. Colours are sprayed on instead. Check the underside of the leather to see if it has the same color as the surface. This is also another way to check if what you are paying for is genuine leather. Imitation leather and fakes these days look so genuine so they will have to conceal this with a fabric backing.
  • Place your leather sofa away from direct sunlight. The UV light fades the colors and destroys leather over time.
  • Leather is not 100% waterproof. Wipe away spilled coffee or tea immediately.
  • Normal cleaning can safely be done with a damp soft cloth. Diluted dish washing liquid may be used to wash away handprints especially on arm rests, but ensure that this detergent is completely removed after the cleaning.
  • Never polish or use wax polishes on leather.
  • Never allow leather to remain folded for a long time. It will crease and crack.
  • If your leather sofa is always in an air conditioned room, the leather will dehydrate over time. Maintain regularly with leather cream and conditioners available from sofa makers or DIY stores.
  • You cannot repair torn leather like torn fabric.
Source : SFIC – Essential Furniture Knowledge

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