Customised Chair



Contemporary looks consist of either lines that are hard edged, or gently curved. With customised chairs, you can experiment with different looks on a smaller scale than a sofa. To make your customised chair a bold statement in your room, use rich, solid colours for your fabric choices.

In Picture: Acacia – Cotton Club Collection, Sable design


For a blend of the traditional with modern/chic, consider trying a Victorian style for your customised chair. Victorian style was most popular from the 1830s to the turn of the 20th century. Modern Victorian style retains the elaborate, often floral design with oriental or gothic touches.


Delight your home with a plethora of different textures and patterns. Take your pick from a colourful, vibrant retro look or mix and match luxury with practical materials.

In Picture: Designer’s Guild – Zephirine Collection. An extraodinary collection inspired from both grand garden and theatre design, involving beautiful florals and modern motifs