Customised Sofa



Settle in for a casual contemporary look, which features rounded edges and inviting soft fabrics. Teamed with plenty of plush pillow tops, it is the ideal look if you want to have a relaxed and homely feel. Play around with different colours and patterns for your unique sofa.

In Picture: Acacia – Snap Collection. Sofa upholstered in Kineo, colour Firecracker. Complemented with geometric patterns in the throw cushions in Jigsaw (left) and Polka (right) to add character


Elegants lines and curves are part of what defines the beautiful and classy art deco look. Combining luxurious materials with synthetic, it results in being elegant while not being too formal. Fabrics can range from the exotic leathers to gorgeous shades of ivories, silvers, and golds.

In Picture: Estelle


Let your inner designer express himself through a unique combination of colours and patterns. Style your furniture after a retro theme with whimsical looks, or go for a themed look such as the floral designs featured here. The possibilities are endless.

In Picture: Designer’s Guild – Marinsky Collection. Enchant your home with a choice of classical motifs, interpreted in a contemporary way by Designer’s Guild